There is consensus among professionals in the field about the types of services that are critical to facilitate the long-term self sufficiency of young parents, build their parenting capacity, and ensure the healthy growth and development of their children. These core services include:

  • Flexible quality schooling to help young parents complete high school or obtain their GED
  • Case management and family support services
  • Access to prenatal care and reproductive health services
  • Parenting and life skills education and supportive services
  • Quality child care for their children with links to basic preventive health care1

This resource directory lists programs throughout Minnesota that provide some or all of these core services. The information in this directory was gathered from a self-report survey, administered by MOAPPP and the Department of Education in the summer of 2005. It reflects the most accurate and up-to-date information available at the time.

You can search for programs in four ways: by county, school district, service or program. Go to the drop-down menu to choose your search criteria. Click on "Find Resources" for a list of programs that meet your search criteria.

Additions and Updates to the resource directory

If you provide services for adolescent parents and would like your program to be included in the directory, or if you have updates for the information currently listed, please contact Sue Fust at 651-644-1447 ext.15 or

1Adapted from School-Based Programs for Adolescent Parents and Their Young Children: Guidelines for Quality and Best Practice, Susan T. Batten and Bonita Stowell, 1996.