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Moappp Events

February 10, 2005
Girl Culture Gallery Event for Friends of MOAPPP

February 10 & 17
Working with GLBTQ Youth: Self-Reflection and Action

February 14, 2005 (CANCELLED!)
Sexuality Education for Life-MN Coalition Day at the Capitol

February 24, 2005
Lauren Greenfield Girl Culture Lecture/Book Signing

May 5-6, 2005
MOAPPP Annual Conference

Other Events

January 15 - March 27, 2005
Girl Culture photography exhibition by Lauren Greenfield

February 4, 2005
Drug Training/Update

February 8, 15, 24 and March 1, 2005
The TALK: An Intercourse on Coming of Age

February 21, 2005
Girls Rock! The Capitol 2005

March 25, 2005
¡Soy Unica! ¡Soy Latina!

April 11-12, 2005
2005 MN Conference on Adolescent Females

2001 Legislative Agenda

Adolescent pregnancy is a complex issue requiring prevention and intervention strategies at all stages of a childs and adolescents life. In order to address adolescent pregnancy prevention, pregnancy care and parenting in a comprehensive manner, Minnesota policies should support collaborative initiatives that effectively promote personal responsibility, ensure academic completion, and lead to long-term self-sufficiency.

Prevention of Adolescent Pregnancy:
Minnesota policies and programs must target resources and services to communities and populations with highest rates of teen pregnancy. MOAPPP will advocate for and monitor the following: Teen Parent Support:
Data shows that 50% of families on welfare had their first children as teens. The keys to achieving self-sufficiency for the young parent are school completion, parenting skill development, and living wage job skills. MOAPPP will advocate to: The Minnesota Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy, Prevention and Parenting, a non-profit organization, is composed of individuals and organizations in Minnesota that work to strengthen policies and programs related to adolescent pregnancy prevention, adolescent pregnancy care and adolescent parenting.

Board approved December 6, 2000