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Streamline ChildCare Assistance Process for Adolescent Parents

Child Care Program for adolescent parents in school was introduced in the MN Senate (Senate File 3672) on March 1, 2000. It will be heard in the Senate Children, Families and Learning Committee on Tuesday, March 7.

Now we need you to take action to make this bill become a reality and make a difference for school-aged parents and their children in Minnesota.

Main Points:

Establishes streamlined childcare assistance process for teen parents 19 and younger who have not completed high school.
Teen students must be enrolled, attending and making satisfactory progress in school.
Child must enroll in a licensed child care facility; based in or linked with a school program.


Many school-aged parents throughout Minnesota are found ineligible to receive childcare assistance, which often results in teens dropping out of school, and/or their young children receiving poor quality child care. This bill was developed by a coalition including MOAPPP, Minneapolis and St Paul Public schools and other adolescent parent service providers to help teen parents stay in school and receive quality child care.

What can you do:

You can get a copy of the bill by calling (651) 296-2343 or locating bill on the internet at www.leg.state.mn.us (Senate file No. 3672 Authors: Higgins, Lourey, Ring, Foley & Piper)

Contact your legislators ( Both Senate and House) to voice your support. Every call can make a big difference. Contact Senate Information at 651-296-0504 or House Info at 651-296-2146 to find out your legislators name, address, and email address.

Share this information with your colleagues, students, their parents, and others. Ask them to call and write their legislators.

Call Nancy Nelson, at MOAPPP for more information at (800) 657-3697 or (651)-644-1447