Fact Sheets

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Fact Sheets on Teen Pregnancy

The Big Picture: A Brief on Teen Pregnancy
Minnesota Program Resources: Teen Pregnancy Prevention
Teen Pregnancy Prevention Resource List
Involving Males in Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Fact Sheets on Teen Parenting:

Minnesota Program Resources: Teen Parenting Programs
Teen Parenting Resource List
Working with Teen Parents and Their Children
Helping Teen Parents Succeed -- links to helpful sights for teen parents

Advocacy Fact Sheets:

Minor's Right to Consent to Health Care
Positive Sexual Health Promotion through Comprehensive Sexuality Education
School-Linked Services for Adolescent Parents and their Children

"The Facts"

High-Risk Factors and Adolescent Sexual Health
Pregnancy, Poverty, School and Employment

Resources for Parents:

Communicating With Children About Sex: General Tips (PDF File)
El Comunicarse Con Los Ninos Sobre Extremidadas Generale del Sexo Communicating with Children About Sex: General Tips, in Spanish, (PDF File only)

Fact Sheets for Teens

Facts for teens about... (PDF File)
Dollars and Sense(PDF File)

Fact Sheets on Issues in Communities of Color

Health Education Resources Available in Spanish(PDF File)

If you're looking for information on birth rates, pregnancy rates and other adolescent sexual health issues, you may want to check out MOAPPP's Statistics.